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Continental Airlines move to Star Alliance

November 29, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s a good move.  Really. 

I was just on Star Alliance’s website today and noticed their Round the World fare calculator.  Oh to dream of a 6 month vacation, costing a paltry $26,000 in airfare (business class) to go around the world, departing from Cleveland then on to Dublin, the Johannesburg, from there Delhi, then Bangkok, then Sydney, then Vancouver.  Oh what fun it would be. 

SkyTeam seems like it may be heading down hill with the merger of Delta and Northwest.  I’ve flown both of them, before and after the merger, and I think it’s not going so well.

This is not to say that the Star Alliance members are without their problems, it just seems they are a little more manageable.  US Air and United went through their difficulties years ago, and now it seems they have managed to get past them.  On top of that United is HUGE and US Air, not so much.  Delta and Northwest are both giants.  The merger may be worse than expected, and I expect the passenger to suffer.