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BlackBerry OS 5.0

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment

I just upgraded my BlackBerry Storm to OS 5.0 and let me tell you, it rocks my world! 

To start, it works, which is more than I can say for the three previous attempts from Research In Motion.  It’s snappy and responsive. They’ve added quite a few features as well.  Now there are conversation threads in SMS messages. It used to do it before, but now it is much easier to read.  They’ve colorized the background, just enough.  The response time is a factor of 1,000 faster.  You hit something, it does it.  Which, as users we should just be able to expect that a device should do this.  Moreover, the data just seems faster.  It’s probably not, but the display and rendering engines are working so much faster, it seems the internet is screaming. 

A couple of drawbacks, installation time for mine, which is on an enterprise server took nearly an hour, which is a bit long in the tooth.  It’s not deployable through BlackBerry Professional to the best of my knowledge, which would have been handy.  It may be through BlackBerry Enterprise, but I don’t think we are going to spend that kind of money. 

Overall, it seems Research in Motion realized that they were going to lose market share to the iPhone and the Droid based devices. Which is good, a bit of competition is very helpful.  I’m happy


More thoughts on Chrome OS

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Maybe this can go without saying, it seems that the goal of Chrome OS is to make the desktop basically a thin client.  I understand the move, if we truly want all activity to exist in the cloud, make the operating system exist basically in the cloud.  It’s a simple idea for a lofty goal, and if anyone could pull it off, it’s Google. 

I’d imagine adoption won’t be too swift, and it may in the end suffer the same fate as the Linux Desktop, for entirely different reasons.  In essence, we the users would be entrusting all our data to the cloud (read Google).  And that should give us pause for concern.  Not that Google has a reputation for being evil, or for that matter the propensity for evil.  But with that having been said, there is something to say about isolation, about privacy.  There is something reassuring about storing your files locally, your personal information and what not.  Albeit, that reassurance may prove to be false, it indeed has some level of truth.  It may prove in the near term we are not ready for such a paradigm shift of computing.  Some day, it would make sense that a computer, as we know them today, should be nothing more than an internet access device.  I don’t think the user is ready, I don’t think the internet is ready.

I don’t intend to be a stick in the mud.  I’m not fully satisfied with Windows, Mac, or Linux, but I’m not ready to give complete control to an outside party.  Even though we are restricted by our operating systems, they lie within our realm of control.  We choose when and how to connect to the network, what is allowed out, and what is kept private.  There is most assuredly something to be said about that.

That being said, it looks completely awesome, Chromium OS that is.  It’s light, sleek, responsive and fun.  When mission meets vision, it’s amazing what an organziation like Google can produce. As stated above, it appears they are trying to turn personal computers into internet access appliances, if that is their mission, then job well done I say.  It works solidly.  It requires nearly no configuration, no special knowledge, and is, well, idiot proof. 

Google has hit the nail they were aiming for.  I just don’t know if it’s a nail that should be struck yet.

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Chrome OS Beta – An initial reaction

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment

In a word, clean.  You can say that about any Google product, but in the case of Chromium OS, it’s as true as can be.  Even running in vmware player with only 512MB of RAM and 1 processor core, it’s swift and responsive.  It really seems as if Google has a vision of what an OS should be, the bare minimum.  It’s very nice.  I will have more later, specifically on the functionality.  But for now, check out these screen shots.

Google Chrome, Chess

Chess on Google Chrome

Gmail on chrome OS, looks strikingly like Gmail in Chrome Browser

Gmail on Chrome OS, looks like gmail in chrome browser. Funny.

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Chrome OS Beta Out

November 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Thanks to Tech Republic for pointing out the availability of th Google Chromium OS on  Just getting it up and running.  I will have a review later.  Hopefully it’s all we are imagining it can be.

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