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So the 4 day weekend is over, what an unfortunate turn of events.  It’s always good to get time away, though I don’t think we ever really get enough of it.  That’s what makes it special, our mothers would probably say. 

Ran into an interesting issue today while setting up a new computer at work.  The one I built Wednesday as a matter of fact.  It has Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, and we use an ERP program that runs on a database called Progress.  If you ask my friends that deal with Progress at a deeper level than I, all you can hear them say at the mention of the name is “ughhh.”  It’s an antiquated database in my opinion and depends on unsupported technology to operate.  This is where the title comes in to play.

Microsoft JVM, by all accounts was no longer supported by Microsoft as of two years ago, effectively earlier.  In a rare decision, they decided that an outside firm already did a good job with something…  take what you can get, I guess.  This version we are running was compiled in 2008, with updates since 2007.  One would think that the developer, noting that MSJVM was going away, would have done something about it.  But no, they didn’t. 

I went to install it on the shiny new Windows 7 box and what do you know, “Microsoft JVM is not compatible with this version of Windows.”  The best part, the solution from Microsoft is, and I’m paraphrasing, “Rewrite your code.”  I took a screen shot and emailed to the support group for this product.

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