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Windows 7, round two… Fight! (With Lenovo)

So, here goes.  At work last week our conference room computer decided to commit ceremonial hari-kari.  I think it dishonored the family and felt that the best way to solve the problem was the use of a blade through the gut and then up and to the right.  But that’s beyond the point. 

I ordered a computer immediately from globalcomputer.com.  A Lenovo refurb for around $330.  It had a Core2 duo processor and 2 gigs of ram.  A hell of a deal if I ever saw one.  So on it’s way it was to me.  That was not to be.  There inventory was goofed up.  I realized about two days later, which was Wednesday last, when it had not shipped there was a problem.  I called my rep, Nick, who is a great guy, for the record.  He informed me that they were backordered and would not be in for quite some time.  He suggested that we search for alternatives.  I thought this was okay, as I don’t need to use that computer until the Thursday after Thanksgiving. 

We ordered another, new Lenovo desktop.  It showed “Order Today, Ships Today” with no disclaimers about being nearly out of stock or only a few left, so I felt comfortable.  I also had to order a video card and an extra gig of ram.  Come to find out Friday of last week, they too were out of these other Lenovo’s.  I asked my representative to contact Lenovo and see if they could just drop ship it to me.  I had a good price and paying slightly more for the shipping would really not be a big deal.  I was still under budget. 

It get’s better, Lenovo say, “We don’t ship to end-users.”  Pardon my fucking french, but that is the biggest load of shit I have ever heard.  Are you fucking serious?  “No, we will never go out of our way to help out a customer, not a chance.”  Fucking assholes!  Well, I ask Nick to have the buyer put some pressure on them, I am near a deadline.  He did, but it was to no avail. 

I’m not mad at Global, I’m mad at Lenovo.  They guaranteed the product to Global and fell short.  When the blowback occurred, they didn’t own up and fix the problem.  It’s a big pile of shitty responses to a problem that made me pissed.  Again, globalcomputer.com is a great company, they do good work.  However, I am never buying Lenovo from them again.  For that matter, I am never buying a Lenovo again.  I strayed from HP and got burned.  Mama, I’m coming home!

So, in a bind I was.  I marched my happy, amex carrying ass over to MicroCenter.  Ahhh, Mecca!  It’s like TigerDirect, but without the need to wait!  Jason, the salesman there was awesome.  We realized that since I needed a small form factor desktop, I would be better off building one than buying a boxed unit.  It has been sometime since I have assembled a PC from scratch, as it is generally not doable, given my schedule. 

Got everything home this afternoon and was ready to go in about 30 minutes.  Windows 7 install took all of 1 hour and was brilliantly simple.  No drivers were missing, it just worked.  Good work Microsoft and good work Asus on the board.  It was all so simple, compared to some other driver nightmares I have had in the past.

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